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Website Security and Protection

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Website Security and Protection

Website security is to prevent cybercriminals to do any action or to prevent exploitation of websites in any way.

First, we need to know what should be protected from:
1. DDoS attacks: Attacks can slow or crash your website.
2. Malware: is a very common threat used to steal sensitive customer data, distribute spam, allow cybercriminals to access your site, and more.
3. BlackListing: Causes remove your site from search engine results and flagged with a warning.
4. Vulnerability exploits: allow attackers to access a site and data stored on it by exploiting weak areas in a site, like an outdated plugin.
5. Defacement: This attack replaces your website’s content with a cybercriminal’s malicious content.

What do you need to secure your website?
1. SSL certificates: protect the data collected by your website, like emails and credit card numbers.
2. A Web Application Firewall(WAF): stops automated attacks that commonly target small or lesser-known websites.
3. A website scanner: it looks for malware, vulnerabilities, and other security issues so that you can mitigate them appropriately.
4. Software updates: content management system (CMS) can be prevented by installing updates to plugins and core software promptly, as these updates often contain security patches.

Finally, there are many tools that help to secure the website and check the efficiency.
Here we have a small look at website security, which gives people an idea of which areas as a software developer should care about meanwhile he is developing a website.

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